Oldest Known Cave Paintings in Werner Herzog’s ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’

Directed by Werner Herzog in 2010, Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a unique documentary about the Chauvet Cave in southern France, which has the oldest known cave paintings (with some being about 32,000 years old).  It is a great look at some fantastic art!  Below are some samples of images depicted in the film:

  1.  cave_of_forgotten-1600x900-c-defaultNotice the illusion of movement here, and how the cave lends its own color and texture.

2.  caveofforgottendereams21

More animal clusters.  The top rhino is particularly striking.

3.  Images from more of a distance:


4.  cave-forgotten-dreams

The attention to detail is hard to miss.  This art would be memorable even apart from its age.  Now imagine being able to see it in the actual cave.

5.  Although the paintings mostly depict animals, there are other subjects, such as these human hands:

.  werner-herzog-6-29-11-5

Although Werner Herzog is often considered a controversial filmmaker, this movie alone does great things, and reminds us of one of cinema’s most basic functions:  Documenting aspects of human history and creative thought.


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